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An important issue in a component-based software development process is the supply source of mature, reliable, adaptable, and maintainable components. We define as component mining the deliberate, organised, and automated process of extracting reusable components from an existing rich software base and present a pattern language used for mining components(More)
Research on software objects, components, middleware, and component-based applications concerns among others ActiveX controls, JavaBeans (JBs), the Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), and how they can interoperate with each other. Is their interoperation possible? Which elements are responsible for the software objects’(More)
The serum immunoreactive calcitonin (ICT) concentration was estimated in 107 patients with lung cancer of various cell types, 46 normal subjects and 24 non-cancer patients with various pulmonary diseases. Eighty-one of the cancer patients had localized lung cancer and the rest 26 primary lung cancer with metastases to other organs. The ICT was found(More)
An important aspect of research on software objects, components, and component-based applications concerns their interoperation. Is their interoperation technically possible? Which elements are responsible for the software objects’ incompatibility? Is compatibility a responsibility of the objects or of their underlying architectures? In this article we(More)
INTRODUCTION Dislocation/subluxation of the Extensor Carpi Ulnaris (ECU) tendon is a rare condition in the general population, but is a common problem among athletes that subject their wrists to forceful rotational movements. Pain and snapping sensation at the dorsoulnar aspect of the wrist especially during supination are the predominant symptoms that(More)
Four-corner fusion is a rational surgical option for the management of degenerative conditions of the wrist. Most related studies have compared four-corner fusion with scaphoid excision or proximal row carpectomy, with a variety of reported results. To enhance the literature, we performed this study to evaluate a series of patients with degenerative(More)
Stable attitudes towards illness and treatment and a high compliance with a 5-week low dose neuroleptic treatment (with/without anticonvulsant adjuvant therapy) were observed in 18 inpatients with schizophrenic disorders (ICD-9, DSM-III-R). Patients having previously received neuroleptics showed more compliant attitudes and greater satisfaction with the(More)
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