K. Rameshbabu

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Segmentation of tissues and structures from medical images is the first step in many image analysis applications developed for medical diagnosis. With the growing research on medical image mentation, it is essential to categorize the research outcomes and provide researchers with an overview of the Existing segmentation techniques in medical images. In this(More)
Kalman filtering was very popular in the research field of navigation and aviation because of its magnificent accurate estimation characteristic. Since then, electrical engineers manipulate its advantages to useful purpose in target tracking systems. Consequently, today it had become a popular filtering technique for estimating and resolving redundant(More)
The aim of the present study was construction of mammary gland specific expression vector for high level of human insulin (hINS) expression in transgenic buffalo for therapeutic use. We have constructed mammary gland specific vector containing human insulin gene and there expression efficiency was checked into in vitro cultured buffalo mammary epithelial(More)
Change detection is the art of quantifying the changes in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images occurring over a period of time. Remote sensing has been instrumental in performing change detection analysis. The impact of applying the combination of texture features for classification techniques to separate water bodies from land masses is empirically(More)
In Synthetic Aperture Radar images, train off the track effect has become a well-known phenomenon. The images of moving trains, ferries, road vehicles or any moving body will be dislocated from their true positions or smeared based on the magnitude and direction of the velocity component of the target motion with respect to the motion of the air craft or(More)
We introduce a new universal remote control that gives easy-to-control interface for home devices such as TV, video/audio player, room lighting and temperature control. In order to use conventional remote controls, people need to understand complex instruction manuals and remember functions assigned to buttons. In addition, the button-based control does not(More)
With ARM7 as the core, this paper discusses a kind of design of vehicle location system. The new mobile vehicle Positioning architecture and working theory of this system is integrated by a lot of hardware modules such as ARM microprocessor LPC2129 as a control unit to combinative with GPS LR9548 and GSM TC35 modules By the hardware/software co-design, the(More)
In this paper, we propose a high capacity CDMA based watermarking scheme based on orthogonal pseudorandom sequence subspace projection. We introduced a novel idea to eliminate the interference due to the correlation between the host image and the code sequences in the watermark extraction phase, and therefore, it improve the robustness and message capacity(More)
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