K. Rameshbabu

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This study examined the presence of immunoreactivity and mRNA for different nitric oxide synthase (NOS) isoforms in immature and in vitro matured oocytes and in embryos at two-, four- and eight-cell, and morula and blastocyst stages in buffalo. Oocytes obtained from slaughterhouse buffalo ovaries were subjected to in vitro maturation in TCM-199 + 10% FBS +(More)
Parthenogenetically produced embryos and embryonic stem (ES) cells derived from them offer a unique model for investigating the role of transcription factors in embryonic genome activation (EGA), pluripotent lineage specification and in pluripotency and self-renewal of ES cells because of the unique nature of these embryos. There is little information on(More)
The aim of the present study was construction of mammary gland specific expression vector for high level of human insulin (hINS) expression in transgenic buffalo for therapeutic use. We have constructed mammary gland specific vector containing human insulin gene and there expression efficiency was checked into in vitro cultured buffalo mammary epithelial(More)
The present investigation was done to study the effect of caspase-9 inhibitor Z-LEHD-FMK, on in vitro produced buffalo embryos. Z-LEHD-FMK is a cell-permeable, competitive and irreversible inhibitor of enzyme caspase-9, which helps in cell survival. Buffalo ovaries were collected from slaughterhouse and the oocytes were subjected to in vitro maturation(More)
VASA is a member of the DEAD-box protein family that plays an indispensable role in mammalian spermatogenesis, particularly during meiosis. In the present study, we isolated, sequenced, and characterized VASA gene in buffalo testis. Here, we demonstrated that VASA mRNA is expressed as multiple isoforms and uses four alternative transcriptional start sites(More)
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