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Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANET) belonging to family of ad-hoc uses IEEE 802.11p standard which have received considerable attention in many vehicular projects [1] and industry groups [4]. VANETs are a special kind of mobile Ad-Hoc networks where wireless-equipped (road-side) vehicles form a network with no additional infrastructure. While many(More)
The aim of the present study was construction of mammary gland specific expression vector for high level of human insulin (hINS) expression in transgenic buffalo for therapeutic use. We have constructed mammary gland specific vector containing human insulin gene and there expression efficiency was checked into in vitro cultured buffalo mammary epithelial(More)
With ARM7 as the core, this paper discusses a kind of design of vehicle location system. The new mobile vehicle Positioning architecture and working theory of this system is integrated by a lot of hardware modules such as ARM microprocessor LPC2129 as a control unit to combinative with GPS LR9548 and GSM TC35 modules By the hardware/software co-design, the(More)
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