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Convolutional codes are non blocking codes that can be designed to either error detecting or correcting. Convolution coding has been used in communication systems including deep space communication and wireless communication. At the receiver end the original message sequence is obtained from the received data using Viterbi decoder. It implements Viterbi(More)
Echo cancellation is one unavoidable module in any voice related communication systems such as telephone, mobile and VOIP. In several applications run time high speed echo cancellation can give better quality of service. Real time echo cancellation is an important feature for hands-free operation of telecommunication equipment like mobile phones. A(More)
A few human beings are effected with various mental disorders like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This paper gives the solution for ADHDs; it is able to solve the social communication of ADHDs with speech control feedback mechanism by assistive based embedded system. The speech information is filtered with three stages of matched filters.(More)
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