K. Ramamritham

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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The past seven years at UMass has been the most challenging and exciting moment in my life. I learned so much academically and also in personal life that I am happy that I made the decision to come to UMass. I have acquainted many people on the way and I have benefited tremendously from the interaction with them. I would like to use this(More)
This paper constitutes a work-in-progress report on the first, mostly conceptual phase of a major international effort in building and evaluating a distributed testbed for database application systems in safety-critical real-time environments. Given that safety/ reliability requirements and real-time constraints are in conflict there cannot be a closed form(More)
Object-oriented databases were motivated by the needs of complex applications such as CAD and software engineering. Transactions in such applications have diverse needs: they may be long lived and they may need to cooperate. This paper describes a exible transaction facility, for an object-oriented database, consisting of a set of transaction modeling(More)
An object-oriented office model is presented. It uses the object taxonomy of Booch featuring object classes based on calling patterns. Our model is motivated by that of Woo and Lochovsky, but has a number of differences, especially in the definition of the object classes and in the treatment of nested objects. An office application, setting a meeting among(More)
This paper presents a te chnique for specifying and verifying properties of "sentinels" a high-level language construct for synchronizing access to shared resources. Statements in the specification language possess formal temporal semantics. As a prelude to proving the correctness of sentinels, the semantics of c ons t r uc t s used in sentinels is given.(More)
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