K. Rajeswari

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This paper deals with the performance analysis of channel estimation methods for LTE downlink system over time varying mobile environments. The analysis of channel estimation in the presence of interference is also done. Least square frequency domain (LS_Freq), least square time domain (LS_Time), maximum likelihood (ML) and minimum mean square error(More)
In this paper different classification techniques of Data Mining are compared using diverse datasets from University of California, Irvine(UCI). Accuracy and time required for execution by each technique is observed. The Data Mining refers to extracting or mining knowledge from huge volume of data. Classification is an important data mining technique with(More)
Data mining is a process of extracting information from a dataset and transform it into understandable structure for further use, also it discovers patterns in large data sets [1]. Data mining has number of important techniques such as preprocessing, classification. Classification is one such technique which is based on supervised learning. It is a(More)
Association rule mining is used to uncover closely related item sets in transactions for deciding business policies. Apriori algorithm is widely adopted is association rule mining for generating closely related item sets. Traditional apriori algorithm is space and time consuming since it requires repeated scanning of whole transaction database. In this(More)
The set of objects having same characteristics are organized in groups and clusters of these objects reformed known as Data Clustering. It is an unsupervised learning technique for classification of data. K-means algorithm is widely used and famous algorithm for analysis of clusters. In this algorithm, n number of data points are divided into k clusters(More)
Kalman estimator is designed to estimate the unmeasurable system states in an Active Suspension System (ASS) in two modes. In the first mode, the estimated road input is given to the estimator to estimate the state variables. In the second mode, the actual road input is given to the estimator to estimate the state variables. In both the modes, the estimated(More)
Attribute selection also called as feature selection is a preprocessing technique to select a set of features or subset of features from the available large collection of features. An artificial neural network is the simulation of a human brain which learns with experience. Efficiency of a model or a system in terms of cost, time and accuracy will greatly(More)