K. Rahul Sharma

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Policy directives in several nations are focusing on the development of smart cities, linking innovations in the data sciences with the goal of advancing human well-being and sustainability on a highly urbanized planet. To achieve this goal, smart initiatives must move beyond city-level data to a higher-order understanding of cities as transboundary,(More)
The paper deals with trajectory tracking of the differential drive robot with a mathematical model governing dynamics and kinematics. Motor dynamics and chassis dynamics are considered for deriving a linear state-space dynamic model. Basic nonlinear kinematic equations are linearized into a successively linearized state-space model. The dynamic and(More)
The paper deals with multi-robot centralized autonomous area exploration of unknown environment with static obstacles. A simple reasoning algorithm based on preassignment of routing priority is proposed. The algorithm tracks the frontiers and assigns the robots to the frontiers when the robots fall into a trap situation. The algorithm is simulated with(More)
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