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Sensor networks are recently rapidly growing research area in wireless communications and distributed network. Sensor network is a densely deployed wireless network of small, low-cost sensors, which can be used in various applications like—health, environmental monitoring, military, home, gathering and sensing information in inhospitable locations etc.(More)
Design of congestion control mechanism for multimedia streaming over the Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) is challenging. Streaming applications require a smooth transmission rate which the Internet is unable to provide whenever there is congestion in the network. The standard TCP congestion control mechanism is not able to handle the special properties of a(More)
Mobile IP has become increasingly important to provide continuous network connectivity to the Internet regardless of the physical location of the mobile nodes. In this paper, we focus on Multiple Home Agents (HA) for Mobile IP to achieve improved performance concerning data transfer, system throughput and overhead for message passing. We introduce the(More)
In Mobile Ad hoc networks (MANET) traditional congestion control mechanism encounters new challenges such as packet losses, bandwidth degradation and frequent link failures. Congestion degrades the performance of mobile ad hoc network (MANET) and hence it can be greatly reduced by using multipath routing and rate control techniques. In this paper, a(More)
INTRODUCTION The genetic testing to confirm or rule out an acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) typically takes a minimum of 24-72 hours. Flow cytometric immunophenotyping (FCI) on the other hand provides rapid and objective information to differentiate APL from non-APL. METHODS FCI features, with single-tube 8-color combination using CD45, CD34, HAL-DR,(More)
BACKGROUND Fluorescent aerolysin (FLAER) has been recommended as an important part of antibody panel used for flow cytometric detection of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) clone. This study was aimed to observe the frequency of PNH-positive clones and their sizes in patients screened for various indications. METHOD A retrospective analysis of 624(More)
Online Social Networks (OSNs) provide the easiest way to stay connected to the people dear and important to us. People are using social networking sites for sending messages, sharing files and expressing their thoughts to others. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace are web based. Users register with their services and agree to provide(More)
In Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) the main reason for packet loss is due to the link failure or node failure. When the link failure occurs, the upstream node with the cached data in its buffer can retransmit it through the next reliable link by using a bypass route and fault tolerance technique is alone handled. The technique of choosing the bypass route(More)
Some sensitive applications such as volcanic monitoring, fire detection data should be transmitted within a specified delay to the base station. Multipath-GT (Multipath-Generalized Topology) model uses an on-demand approach to estimate a delay based on processing time, packet loss rate between two neighbouring nodes. In existing work, if a node or link(More)
Mobile ad-hoc network is a next generation communication to provide cost free communication with independent decision making system, but now a day that is under research because number of pit fall in current scenario like route fluctuation, security and congestion, so all above problem solve with different technique base, here only resolve congestion(More)