K. Radhika

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Next generation wireless networks are expected to exhibit heterogeneity in terms of wireless access technologies, services and application requirements. These heterogeneous wireless access networks consist of the integration of various wireless networks especially Wi-Fi (WLAN), Wi-Max and 3G/B3G cellular networks. One of the challenging problems is to(More)
Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals derived from polysomnography recordings play an important role in assessing the physiological and behavioral changes during onset of sleep. This paper suggests a spike rhythmicity based feature for discriminating the wake and sleep state. The polysomnography recordings are segmented into 1 second EEG patterns to ensure(More)
Vertical Handoff Decision Making problem is one of the significant technical issues in the development of Heterogeneous wireless networks. This paper presents a vertical handoff decision algorithm based on game theory approach. In this algorithm, the handoff decision problem is formulated as a non cooperative game between the mobile users and the wireless(More)
This paper deals with data hiding in compressed video. Unlike data hiding in images and raw video which operates on the images themselves in the spatial or transformed domain which are vulnerable to steganalysis, we target the motion vectors used to encode and reconstruct both the forward predictive (P)-frame and bidirectional (B)-frames in compressed(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Selenium usually acts as an antioxidant at optimal levels in the body and increased levels are toxic. In this study an attempt was made to evaluate the effect of an optimum dose (0.14 mg) of selenium on histopathological changes in experimental hypercholesterolemia in cockerels. METHODS The effect of selenium (0.14 mg) was(More)
Granulocytic sarcomas or extramedullary myeloid tumors represent the soft tissue counterpart of acute myeloid leukemia. The term is used for any solid collection of leukemic cells. There have been reports of these tumors occurring before the involvement of blood or bone marrow. Our patient had simultaneous involvement of three sites, which was diagnosed on(More)
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