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Steganography is an important area of research in recent years involving a number of applications. It is the science of embedding information into the cover image viz., text, video, and image (payload) without causing statistically significant modification to the cover image. The modern secure image steganography presents a challenging task of transferring(More)
The popular Biometric used to authenticate a person is Fingerprint which is unique and permanent throughout a person's life. A minutia matching is widely used for fingerprint recognition and can be classified as ridge ending and ridge bifurcation. In this paper we projected Fingerprint Recognition using Minutia Score Matching method (FRMSM). For Fingerprint(More)
The modern steganography presents a challenging task of embedding data that should be imperceptible to the human visual system (HVS) and also escape the detection of powerful machine vision of computers. In this paper we present a high capacity, lossless, secure wavelet steganographic algorithm in which payload bitstream is encrypted and embedded into the(More)
Biometric system is a very important recognition system which is used for individual verification and identification. Various types of biometric traits are used in today's world, in which some are used for commercial purpose and few used for verification purpose. Existing authentication techniques are suffer from different errors like mismatch image,(More)
The paper envisages the network modeling of a wireless multicast network by approach of optimized joint MAC scheduling and network coding. A heuristic method of designing a network is achieved by scheduling algorithm which is based on network parameters such as interference free transmissions, and optimization of avoidable scheduling sets. We derive a joint(More)
Scholar Articles and patents anytime include citations Results 1-10 of about 331. Wavelength routed optical networks have emerged as a technology that can effectively utilize the enormous bandwidth of the optical fiber. Wavelength converters play an important role in enhancing the fiber utilization and reducing the overall call blocking probability of the(More)
Core banking is a set of services provided by a group of networked bank branches. Bank customers may access their funds and perform other simple transactions from any of the member branch offices. The major issue in core banking is the authenticity of the customer. Due to unavoidable hacking of the databases on the Internet, it is always quite difficult to(More)
Information-theoretic analysis for parallel Gaussian models of Images prescribe embedding the secret data in low and mid frequency regions of image which have large energies. In this paper, we propose a novel steganographic scheme called robust image adaptive steganography using integer wavelet transform(RIASIWT), which is a practical realization of these(More)