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Vaccines based on virus-like particles have proved their success in human health. More than 25 years after the approval of the first vaccine based on this technology, the substantial efforts to expand the range of applications and target diseases are beginning to bear fruit. The incursion of high-throughput screening technologies, combined with new(More)
Poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) synthesis in Escherichia coli elicits regulatory responses that affect product yield and productivity. We used controlled, steady-state cultures (chemostats) of a genetically stable strain to determine growth-independent metabolic flux regulation. We measured flux and steady-state intracellular metabolite concentrations across(More)
Dynamically altering protein concentration is a central activity in synthetic biology. While many tools are available to modulate protein concentration by altering protein synthesis rate, methods for decreasing protein concentration by inactivation or degradation rate are just being realized. Altering protein synthesis rates can quickly increase the(More)
Transportation is one of the inevitable and in-disposable shipment facilities for the huge number of people in our world. In our day to day life plenty number of segmented people use their own conveyance for any type of shipment. In our study we used to find which type of shipment is economical and also convenient for the lower and middle class people. For(More)
A Payment gateway is a web service used in e-commerce for settling money transactions and a number of service providers offering the web-service-payment-gateway in the market. Payment gateway offers a secured way of trading with a simple interface, high reliability and flexibility, Easy to use and integrate with the merchant’s ecommerce web application.(More)
In this report, I will be discussing about three papers which were about face detection using neural networks. The papers are face recognition using morphological shared weight neural networks [1], Face detection using gabor wavelets and neural networks [2], and FPGA implementation of Neural/ wavelet face detection system [3] respectively. The experimental(More)
Submitted: Sep 19, 2013; Accepted: Oct 24, 2013; Published: Nov 3, 2013 Abstract: The immediacy of the web creates a quick anticipation for the quality, but the technical complications of the Website make the quality control more difficult. Moreover many of the existing tools that appraise the web pages are not capable of evaluating the operation and(More)
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