K. R. Remesh Babu

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In Infrastructure as a Service cloud computational resources of different clouds within its federation can be used in the form of leases. This may result in tasks getting completed in other clouds that have more computational power or currently have free resources to service the request. In this paper a new task scheduling approach has been considered that(More)
Smart phones with integrated sensors have the ability to provide different mobile crowd based services which in turn called mobile crowd sensing (MCS) in Internet of Things (IoT). But utilization ratio of this ability by mobile users is less. Several interaction issues exist between the mobile users. This paper mainly focuses on building an effective route(More)
Multi-tenant applications come into existence in clouds, which aims “better resource utilization” for application provider. Today most of the present application optimizations are based on Service Level Agreements which focuses on virtual machine (VM) based computing service, while other services such as storage and cache are often neglected. This paper(More)
M.R. Thansekhar and N. Balaji (Eds.): ICIET’14 725 Abstract -Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a collection of sensors that are of heterogeneous in nature. Data sensed from the environment are traversed through the network till it reaches the sink. The main focused problem of Wireless Sensor Network is the data integrity throughout the network. If the data(More)
The heart of computing is the available resources and no matter what type of environment is. Cloud is one of the ongoing research area which provides better and flexible computing with novel features. The main attractive part of cloud computing is the way of approach to the resource scarcity. Even in the cloud environment the availability of resources at(More)
Task Scheduling in computational grid is a complex optimization problem which may require consideration of different criteria such as waiting time, makespan time, throughput, communication time, and dispatching time. For optimal scheduling, the scheduler must know about the above factors and status of the resources in the grid and include these dynamic(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging technology to increase the efficient utilization of huge collection of high-end resources at low cost. One of the major problems associated with cloud environment is that these high-end systems need huge power consumption. Several methods are proposed and available for reducing the power consumption in datacenters. But most of(More)
Multi-tenant application is one of the main characteristics of cloud computing. Today, most of the application uses cache service for getting faster access and low response time. Currently in multi-tenant cloud applications data are often evicted mistakenly by cache service, which is managed by existing algorithms such as LRU. Also, security mechanisms are(More)
Due to the large scale advancements and applications in cloud technology, almost all the organizations prefer to use cloud computing rather than traditional storage mechanisms. Huge datacenters have been widely used to host cloud services, which are typically allocated to different virtual machines (VMs) through which resources multiplexing across shared(More)