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The general factorization of a linear-phase parau-nitary filter bank (LPPUFB) is revisited. From this new perspective , a class of lapped orthogonal transforms with extended overlap (generalized linear-phase lapped orthogonal transforms (GenLOT's)) is developed as a subclass of the general class of LPPUFB. In this formulation, the discrete cosine transform(More)
The video coding standards are being developed to satisfy the requirements of applications for various purposes, better picture quality, higher coding efficiency, and more error robust-ness. The new international video coding standard H.264/MPEG-4 part 10 aims at having significant improvements in coding efficiency, and error robustness in comparison with(More)
Multimedia authentication techniques are required to prove the validity of legal multimedia content and establish the identity of the content creator. Digital signatures are one way of authenticating multimedia content. Typically digital signatures use cryptographic techniques to ensure the integrity of the multimedia bitstream. This paper proposes a hard(More)