K. R. Raghunandan

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We find no evidence that non-audit service fees impair auditor independence, where independence is surrogated by auditors' propensity to issue going concern audit opinions. We do find, however, that auditors are more likely to issue going concern opinions to clients paying higher audit fees, suggesting that auditors behave with relatively greater(More)
Current-controlled oscillators (CCO) for analog to digital conversion need linear tuning-characteristics. A new CCO design in which the period of oscillation is defined by charging the timing capacitor to a reference voltage by the input current, is described. The sources of non-linearity in the tuning characteristics are identified and modeled. A method of(More)
Analysts' earnings forecasts are important benchmarks for managers because investors and other stakeholders care about firms meeting-or-beating analysts' earnings forecasts (MBE). Prior studies show that firms that consistently MBE have a higher equity premium, lower cost of capital, and higher bond ratings. In this paper, we examine the association between(More)
Parallel coupled microstrip filters are extensively used as band pass filter in microwave communication because they are compact in size, easy to fabricate due to its planar structure. The responses of these filters are satisfactory for narrow bandwidth due to their relatively weak coupling. A severe limitation of the conventionally designed parallel(More)
The fractal geometries such as Koch curve, Sierpinsky gasket, and Hilbert curve, etc. have been widely studied and applied to design several microwave devices, such as antennas, frequency selective surfaces (FSS), and photonic band gap (PBG) devices. There are several advantages of these fractal devices including reduction of resonant frequencies, smaller(More)
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