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— The evolving fourth generation wireless networks provide heterogeneous wireless access. This feature enables the multi homed mobile devices to seamlessly roam across various wireless access technologies and to connect always to the best available access network that provides the best QOS at a minimum cost. Different applications have different QOS(More)
Over the last two decades, in the field of secure communication and financial on-line applications, we have witnessed an explosive growth in biometric personal authentication systems which are covenant with a measurable physical characteristic or behavioral trait. On-line refers to making use of the time functions of the signing process. Verification of(More)
—In online applications, authentication systems which are covenant with a measurable behavioral trait and physiological characteristics are essential. This paper deals with authenti-cation of an individual's on-line signature data and textual iris information using continuous dynamic programming [CDP]. Instead of working on primary features such as image or(More)
In the field of secure communication, an explosive growth is observed in biometric personal authentication and recognition systems for the last few decades. Biometric system involves establishing the human identity based on a physical or behavioral trait. In the recent studies, various biometric traits including face, iris, ear, gait, palm and knuckle(More)
— Zernike moments are image descriptors often used in pattern recognition. They offer rotation invariance. In this paper, we discuss a novel method of signature authentication using Zernike moments. Instead of working on primary features such as image or on-line data, working on the derived kinematic plot is a robust way of authentication. The derived(More)
Mobile social networks' (MSN) diverse security concerns have immensely compromised users' personal details leaving them vulnerable to cybercrimes. This paper proposes an adaptive privacy architecture which provides content, identity and location privacy against disclosure of information that the user intends to keep private. The architecture implements(More)
In this paper, an efficient approach is introduced where here cognitive medium access approach is used to improve the dynamic spectrum utilization of the licensed spectrum. Here the emphasis is made on channel negotiation, it helps to improve the spectrum management. A dynamic MCMC (Markov Chain Monte Carlo) approach is used to resolve the optimization(More)