K. R. Radhika

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Over the last two decades, in the field of secure communication and financial on-line applications, we have witnessed an explosive growth in biometric personal authentication systems which are covenant with a measurable physical characteristic or behavioral trait. On-line refers to making use of the time functions of the signing process. Verification of(More)
Current network based authentication applications require simple robust methods which are faster and does not choke the bandwidth. Minimal features are considered using subpattern analysis which leads to less response time in a real time scenario. Certain subsections of signature vary in a genuine case subvailable online 22 December 2010 ff-line signature(More)
Zernike moments are image descriptors often used in pattern recognition. They offer rotation invariance. In this paper, we discuss a novel method of signature authentication using Zernike moments. Instead of working on primary features such as image or on-line data, working on the derived kinematic plot is a robust way of authentication. The derived(More)
In this work, shape analysis of the acceleration plot, using lower order Zernike moments is performed for authentication of on-line signature. The on-line signature uses time functions of the signing process. The lower order Zernike moments represent the global shape of a pattern. The derived feature, acceleration vector is computed for the sample signature(More)
In online applications, there is a foreseeable explosive growth in biometric personal authentication systems which are covenant with a measurable behavioral trait. Hand written object [HO] verification is the process used to recognize an individual, which is intuitive reliable indicator. Verification of a HO as a biometric modality still is a challenging(More)
In the field of secure communication, an explosive growth is observed in biometric personal authentication and recognition systems for the last few decades. Biometric system involves establishing the human identity based on a physical or behavioral trait. In the recent studies, various biometric traits including face, iris, ear, gait, palm and knuckle(More)
The primary application of biometric technology is to analyze human characteristics for security purpose as security issues have been the focused interest in recent years. A survey of different fusion techniques in multimodal biometrics is made. This paper also attempts to identify some of the challenges and issues that confront research in multimodal(More)