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This paper proposes a modified frequency response masking (FRM) technique for the synthesis of linear phase, sharp transition, low arithmetic complexity FlR filter. The structure is composed of lowpass and bandpass subfilters which are designed as linear phase, equiripple passband and computationally efficient FIR filters. The frequency response of the(More)
A model is proposed for a linear phase, sharp transition, lowpass FIR filter. The filter model is formulated using sinusoidal functions of frequency to evaluate the impulse response coefficients in closed form. Filter transfer function is evolved in frequency and time domain. This design approach is found to be closely comparable to FRM techniques in terms(More)
In this paper, we present the design of a wide band digital integrator and differentiator. The starting point for this design is the well known backward rectangular numerical integration rule. The rectangular integration formula is modified to get a good low frequency response. The bandwidth of the same is extended to cover a wide range using two clock(More)
This paper proposes a new technique for synthesis of a sharp transition, equiripple passband, low arithmetic complexity, linear phase lowpass FIR filter. The frequency response of the filter with narrow transition width is modeled using trigonometric functions of frequency and its transfer function is evolved in frequency and time domain. The synthesized(More)
This paper presents the synthesis of a linear phase, sharp transition, multiband FIR filter. The frequency response model of the filter is formulated with equiripple passband, stopband regions using trigonometric functions and well defined linear transition region. Employing trigonometric functions reduces Gibb's phenomenon which is further reduced using(More)
Accuracy of microarray gene expression based cancer classification depends on microarray image processing techniques. Image de-noising is one of the crucial step of the microarray image processing. Better the quality of microarray image, more accurate will be the result of cancer classification. In this paper, we have implemented Median filter and wavelet(More)
In this paper, we propose an IIR design of wideband digital integrator and differentiator. We start our design with an IIR backward rectangular integrator. The response of the rectangular integrator is close to the ideal integrator only in the low frequency region. To improve the response, we connect an IIR filter in cascade with the backward integrator.(More)