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Designers have no way of establishing, and hence controlling, the likely production consequences of design decisions during the early stages of new product introduction. Aggregate process modelling is a newly developed methodology for the identi®cation and manufacturability assessment of production routeings for partially speci®ed product con®gurations. The(More)
The calculation and optimization of product manufacturability during the preliminary stages of design are critical to achieving reduced time to market, high quality and low cost. An aggregate planning method, which translates early product characteristics into manufacturing requirements , forms the basis of a new intelligent support system for which the(More)
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Product design is not a linear process, with all stages of a product advancing at the same rate. Re-use of past design elements in conjunction with introducing new, loosely specified parts within a modern distributed and collaborative design environment presents a problem in accurately estimating likely quality, cost and delivery metrics. This paper(More)
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