K. R. Manjula

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There is growing concern over the increasing instances of decline in cognitive abilities with aging in humans. The present study evaluated the benefits of the natural antioxidant, grape seed proanthocyanidin extract (GSPE) in treating the effects of age-related oxidative stress (OS) and accumulation of lipofuscin (LF) on the cognitive ability in rats.(More)
This study primarily investigated the effects of intermittent cold exposure (ICE) on oxidative stress (OS) in the hippocampus(HC) and plasma lipid profile of old male rats. Secondly, it evaluated structural changes in the hippocampus region of the rat's brain. Thirdly, it attempted an evaluation of the effectiveness of the combined supplement of vitamins C(More)
This study investigated the effects of combined supplementation with vitamin E and C against oxidative stress (OS) caused by intermittent cold exposure (ICE) in the hypothalamus (HY) of aging male Wistar rats [adult (3-months), middle-aged (18-months) and old (24-months)]. Each age was divided into sub-groups: control (CON), cold-exposed at 10 °C (C10),(More)
This study examined the role of vitamins E and C in combating oxidative stress (OS) caused by intermittent cold exposure (ICE) in the frontoparietal cortex (FPC) of adult (3 months), late-adult (12 months), middle-aged (18 months) and old (24 months) male Wistar rats. Each age group was divided into sub-groups, control (CON), cold-exposed at 5°C (C5),(More)
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