K R Lyen

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A sensitive assay was used to measure the binding of iodine-125-labeled insulin in serum obtained from 112 newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetics before insulin treatment was initiated. Two groups of nondiabetics served as controls: children with a variety of diseases other than diabetes and nondiabetic siblings of insulin-dependent diabetics. Eighteen(More)
In the initial phase of HSE the clinical symptomatology is more variable and insidious in babies and young children than in older children and adults. Combined clinical, neurophysiological and neuroradiological studies have been carried out in 12 children with proven HSE. Ten patients had the first EEGs taken during the acute phase of the illness and all(More)
Insulin-treated diabetic patients may show a rapid swing to hyperglycaemia after episodes of hypoglycaemia. This rebound hyperglycaemia, or Somogyi effect, is thought to be caused by the unopposed actions of hormonal antagonists to insulin secreted in response to hypoglycaemia. To test this theory a study was made of 15 patients who had 17 episodes of(More)
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