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A sensitive assay was used to measure the binding of iodine-125-labeled insulin in serum obtained from 112 newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetics before insulin treatment was initiated. Two groups of nondiabetics served as controls: children with a variety of diseases other than diabetes and nondiabetic siblings of insulin-dependent diabetics. Eighteen(More)
The records of 59 children with craniopharyngioma first treated between 1960 and 1980 were reviewed. There was a high incidence of postoperative growth hormone deficiency (43 of 43), andrenocorticortopin deficiency (26 of 36), thyrotrophin deficiency (13 of 20), gonadotrophin deficiency (15 of 16), and diabetes insipidus (44 of 58). Fifteen patients have(More)
An anthropometric study was conducted on more than 13 500 children aged 04 years in 1988. Percentile charts were plotted for height for age, weight for age, weight for height and head circumference for age. When compared to an earlier study done in 1972, it was found that Singapore pre-school children had increased in height by 4.4 %; weight by 10.9 %; and(More)