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Serum bilirubin was in the range 2 to 5 mg/dL. Osmotic fragility showed mild increase in fragility (Test 0.5-0.28: Control 0.44-0.34). Hb electrophoresis was normal. HbF was <2%, G6PD enzyme level was normal. Direct Coomb’s test and sickling test were negative. HBSAg and HCV and ANA were negative. USG abdomen showed splenohepatomegaly. The pedigree showed(More)
We report an adolescent with recurrent bilateral parotitis with pneumoparotitis and subcutaneous emphysema due to self pneumoinsufflation by a Valsalva like maneuver. Investigations for recurrent parotitis did not yield any clue. His la belle indifference, prolonged school absence and the presence of sibling rivalry helped us identify the psychological(More)
BACKGROUND Most often, forensic podiatrists are called upon in crime scene investigations where pedal evidence is encountered at the crime scenes. The main aim of the forensic podiatrist is such case is to contribute towards the establishment of the identity of the suspects on the basis of the evidence. One form of the pedal evidence is footprints that are(More)
BACKGROUND Analysis of fingerprints and palm prints at the crime scene is vital to identify the suspect and establish a crime. Dermatoglyphics can even be valuable in identification of a dismembered hand during medicolegal investigations to establish the identity of an individual in cases of mass disasters/mass homicides. METHODS The present research(More)
Estimation of sex of footprints can help in establishing the biological profile of potential suspects. This research attempts to study the sex differences in the ridge density in four different areas of a footprint. The study sample comprises footprints from both feet of 106 adult subjects from India that were analysed using standardized techniques. A total(More)
Adverse drug reaction (ADR) is an unpleasant reaction related to the use of medicine at its therapeutic dose. Ayurveda is well aware of such adverse reactions. Parasika Yavani (Hyoscyamus niger Linn.) is an Ayurvedic drug effectively used in many psychological disorders, if not used judiciously it causes adverse reactions. In present study two cases of ADR(More)
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