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BACKGROUND Dementia in India is largely a hidden problem with no community awareness and little help seeking from affected families, despite high levels of strain. Cases must therefore be identified before practical help can be offered. METHOD After two and a half hours of formal training, local community health workers in rural Kerala were asked to(More)
BACKGROUND Dementia is a rapidly growing problem in all parts of the developing world. Such societies are characterised by low levels of awareness regarding dementia as a chronic degenerative brain syndrome, and by an absence of supportive health and welfare services. There is reliance upon families as the cornerstone of support and care. However,(More)
Demographic aging will soon lead to a sudden increase in the number of older people with dementia and depression in India. We need to develop services to meet the mental health needs of the aged in the population. Geriatric Psychiatry section of IPS has initiated a process of consultations to address this emerging public health issue. Health professionals(More)
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