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Mammography is a medical imaging technique that combines, low-dose radiation and high-contrast, high-resolution film for examination of the breast and screening for breast cancer. This paper proposes a random forest decision classifier (RFDC) for classifying mammograms. Results of screening the mammograms are organised by classification and finally grouped(More)
Proteases produced by Xenorhabdus are known to play a significant role in virulence leading to insect mortality. The present study was undertaken to purify and characterize protease from Xenorhabdus indica, an endosymbiont of nematode Steinernema thermophilum, and to decipher its role in insect mortality and its efficacy to control Helicoverpa armigera. A(More)
The filamentous bacteria Streptomyces spp. produces diverse extracellular enzymes and other secondary metabolites. Proteomic analysis of the secretome of holocellulolytic Streptomyces sp. ssr-198 was done by tandem mass spectrometry using an Orbitrap Velos hybrid mass spectrometer. A wide range of hydrolytic enzymes, including glycoside hydrolases (17),(More)
Phytopathogenic fungi develop unique systems for fast invasion by producing hydrolases, which may be explored as a source of hydrolytic enzymes for biofuel research. The present work deals with evaluation of a potato pathogen Phoma exigua ITCC 2049 for its potential to produce cellulase and xylanase enzyme. Taguchi methodology was applied to reveal the(More)
Xenorhabdus indica KB-3, a well-known protease producer, was isolated from its entomopathogenic nematode symbiont Steinernema thermophilum. Since medium constituents are critical to the protease production, the chemical components of the selected medium (soya casein digest broth) were optimized by rotatable central composite design (RCCD) using response(More)
β-Glucosidase is an essential part of cellulase enzyme system for efficient and complete hydrolysis of biomass. Psychrotolerant Pseudomonas lutea BG8 produced β-glucosidase with lower temperature optima and hence can play important role in bringing down the energy requirement for bioethanol production. To enhance β-glucosidase production, two statistical(More)
A woman in general has 12% chance of developing breast cancer and a 3.5% chance of dying from this disease, hence detection of cancer has received considerable attention in the recent years. Mammogram is an X-ray of the breast used to detect and diagnose breast cancer and other abnormalities. The aim of a screening mammogram is to detect a tumor that cannot(More)
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