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Satellite remote sensing field involves large number of images, which are processed at data processing/reception centers to generate value-added products. This requires large number of data and compute power to map raw data into the underlying 3D-terrain model. Due to the visibility constraints of the satellites, data is received at various ground stations(More)
Automatic extraction of important regions from a cheque image helps in automatic analysis of the cheque. It can be used for automated clearing of cheques, detection of frauds in the cheques, and so on. A novel approach of extracting important regions from a cheque image is proposed, in this paper, based on identification of lines. Experimental results(More)
Character recognition is an important tool used for many purposes limited only by imagination, some of them being automatic number plate recognition and digital conversion of texts. In the present methods, edge detection techniques perform well but they are time consuming and have errors if the data provided is not up to the mark. In this paper, a novel(More)
Due to higher processing power to cost ratio, it is now possible to replace the manual detection methods used in the IC (Integrated Circuit) industry by Image-processing based automated methods, to detect a broken pin of an IC connected on a PCB during manufacturing, which will make the process faster, easier and cheaper. In this paper an accurate and fast(More)
OBJECTIVES Reviewed the epidemiology, clinical characteristics, mechanisms, and treatment of tuberculosis associated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. DATA SOURCE We searched PubMed, EMBASE, and the CINAHL from inception to June 2016. We used the following search terms: Tuberculosis, COPD, Tuberculosis associated COPD, and so forth. All types of(More)
Built-in self-test (BIST) refers to those testing techniques where additional hardware is added to a design so that testing is accomplished without the aid of external hardware. Usually, a pseudo-random generator is used to apply test vectors to the circuit under test and a data compactor is used to produce a signature. To increase the reliability and yield(More)
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