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Executive Summary Social media is a phenomenon that has transformed the interaction and communication of individuals throughout the world. However, social media is not a new concept-it has been evolving since the dawn of human interaction. In recent times, social media has impacted many aspects of human communication, thereby impacting business. Social(More)
Ultrasonic welding horn is half wavelength section or tool used to focus the ultrasonic vibrations to the components being welded. The horn is designed in such a way that it maximizes the amplitude of the sound wave passing through it. The ends of the horn represent the displacement anti-nodes and the center the 'node' of the wave. As the horns perform(More)
— Direct Human Input (DHI) is an input methodology for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). Use of DHI eliminates physical input devices as input data is collected directly from the signals generated by the human body. Various varieties of DHI exists of which Electromyogram (EMG) is found to have properties that makes it readily applicable. In this work, the(More)
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