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This article reports the findings of a large-scale research project on environmental new product development (ENPD) within British manufacturers. A major contribution of this article is the attempt to integrate new product development (NPD) and environmental management philosophies in order to develop and empirically test a theoretical framework for ENPD(More)
Consumer ethics is an underdeveloped specialism of business and marketing ethics, within which most publications have focused on bad rather than on good ethics, and on consumer dishonesty rather than on consumer idealism or consumer responsibility. This conceptual paper explores the latter perspective, and examines how we can seek to understand “consumer(More)
This paper details and justifies Grounded Theory as a methodology for researching into significant and emerging macromarketing phenomena, through an exploration of its use to investigate the marketing dynamics of the Fairtrade Towns Movement. The paper describes the research ‘journey’ undertaken from the initial consideration of Fairtrade Towns as an(More)
The unfolding Parmalat scandal in Italy is just the latest in a series of incidents that have shone a spotlight on the behaviour and ethics of top business leaders. Founder Calisto Tanzi is currently in jail, accused of having falsified the company's accounts for many years. This follows on the heels of Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Equitable Life and(More)
In the world ~[ inJormation technology (IT), consultants are hecoming an increasingly common and controversial phenomenon. But does their rapid spread reflect the effectiveness of consultan~3'-based solutions, or is it symptomatic of an ever-increasing skills gap within the industry? The paper seeks to unravel some of the mysteries of lT consultants through(More)
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