K. Parvathi

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In searching for optimal solutions, teaching learning based optimization (TLBO) (Rao et al. 2011a; Rao et al. 2012; Rao & Savsani 2012a) algorithms, has been shown powerful. This paper presents an, improved version of TLBO algorithm based on orthogonal design, and we call it OTLBO (Orthogonal Teaching Learning Based Optimization). OTLBO makes TLBO faster(More)
Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization (TLBO) is recently being used as a new, reliable, accurate and robust optimization technique scheme for global optimization over continuous spaces [1]. This paper presents an, improved version of TLBO algorithm, called the Weighted Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization (WTLBO). This algorithm uses a parameter in TLBO(More)
The watershed transformation is a useful morphological segmentation tool for a variety of grey-scale images. However, over segmentation and under segmentation have become the key problems for the conventional algorithm. In this paper, an efficient segmentation method for high-resolution remote sensing image analysis is presented. Wavelet analysis is one of(More)
Rough set theory has been one of the most successful methods used for feature selection. However, this method is still not able to find optimal subsets. But it can be made to be optimal using different optimization techniques. This paper proposes a new feature selection method based on Rough Set theory with Teaching learning based optimization (TLBO). The(More)
Video Steganography is a new research area which is playing an important role in information hiding criteria. Nowadays security of confidential information is major issue over the internet. To protect the secret information from cyber criminals like attackers, hackers and data thefts, a secure and standardized methodology is used that is known as(More)
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