K Parihar Vipan

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Treatment of phenols with ninhydrin in acidic medium afforded 2-hydroxy-2-(ortho-hydroxy-phenyl/naphthyl)-1,3-dioxoindanes, which being unstable were isolated in their hemiketal forms. These synthesized compounds were subjected to TLC screening for radical scavenging and in vitro lipoxgenase and cycloxygenase enzyme inhibition assays. The best compound was(More)
The whole plant aqueous extract of Coronopus didymus Linn. was fractionated on the basis of polarity and resulting fractions were evaluated for free radical scavenging ability. The most non-polar fraction (CDF1) was found to be more active than other fractions in scavenging DPPH, ABTS(-), nitric oxide and hydroxyl radicals in steady-state conditions.(More)
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