K. Papadopoulos

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The use and applications of new technologies in the education of the visually impaired have made substantial strides forward in recent years. New technology allows the visually impaired to enjoy better access to information, to read for themselves and, by extension, to improve their learning literacy. Nevertheless, despite the advances made in assistant(More)
Background: Literature has shown a growing number of published studies on Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome every year. The increasing evidence base has revealed a significant number of reviews which makes it confusing for clinicians and researchers to choose from the best evidence. This study aimed to gather the reviews on Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and(More)
Communication protocols for wireless networks have specified security layers, with high-level encryption strength. The dedicated to security layer of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), is the Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS). In this paper, an efficient architecture for the hardware implementation of WTLS is proposed. The introduced system(More)
The knowledge visually-impaired people have of the space around them is a subject of great interest to the scientific community. This article describes a school programme and the effect it had on the environmental knowledge of the school where it was carried out. A group of sighted students chose as a project to construct, with the author's help, a(More)
Stem cells are versatile in the bodies which are able to both reproduce themselves and to produce more specialized cells. As such, they are of great potential values in repairing and regenerating damaged cells and tissues. Many different kinds of stem cells have been discovered. The most common are embryonic, foetal and adult stem cells. Stem cell research(More)
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