K. Pal

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  • K Kumar, K Pal, UPTU Lucknow
  • 2010
A high input impedance voltage mode universal biquad filter using two operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs), one current feedback amplifier (CFA), two capacitors and one grounded resistor has been studied. The new circuit has three inputs and single output and can realize all the standard filter functions, that is low pass (LP), high pass (HP),(More)
Current conveyors are unity gain active elements exhibiting high linearity, wide dynamic range and high frequency performance than their voltage mode counterparts. The new current conveyor operating at low-voltage supplies high input impedance and low output impedance and consumes less power. In this study, a new low-voltage class AB second generation(More)
— This paper aims at designing of an optimized controller for non-isolated DC-DC Single-Ended Primary-Inductance converter (SEPIC) for constant voltage applications. The SEPIC converter can both step up and step down the input voltage, while maintaining the same polarity and the same ground reference for the input and output. MOSFETs are used as a switching(More)
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