K P Undesser

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This study compares the effect of arginine-vasopressin with phenylephrine on arterial pressure, heart rate, and renal sympathetic nerve activity in conscious rabbits with and without functional arterial baroreflexes and in rabbits with lesions of the area postrema. In intact rabbits, progressive infusions of arginine-vasopressin result in large decreases in(More)
This study compares the effect of arginine-vasopressin and phenylephrine on renal sympathetic nerve activity, arterial pressure, and heart rate in vehicle- and intraventricular 6-hydroxydopamine-treated conscious rabbits. In addition, this study examines the involvement of forebrain structures on these variables. In vehicle-treated rabbits, compared to(More)
Activation of the area postrema by either electrical stimulation or chemical application of L-glutamate has been shown to result in an enhancement of cardiovascular baroreflexes similar to that seen with systemic infusions of arginine vasopressin (AVP). In addition, it has been found that the effects of AVP on baroreflex inhibition of renal sympathetic(More)
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