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—Spectrum is one of the most precious radio resources. With the increasing demand for wireless communication, efficiently using the spectrum resource has become an essential issue. With the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) spectrum policy reform, secondary spectrum sharing has gained increasing interest. One of the policy reforms introduces the(More)
Minimizing power consumption is crucial in battery power-limited secure wireless mobile networks. In this paper, we (a) introduce a hardware/software set-up to measure the battery power consumption of encryption algorithms through real-life experimentation, (b) based on the profiled data, propose mathematical models to capture the relationships between(More)
Cognitive radio enabled dynamic spectrum access networks are designed to detect and opportunistically utilize the unused or under-utilized spectrum bands. However, due to the open paradigm of cognitive radio networks and lack of proactive security protocols, the dynamic spectrum access networks are vulnerable to various denial-of-service (DoS) threats. In(More)
— Encryption is one of the fundamental technologies that is used in digital rights management. Unlike ordinary computer applications, multimedia applications generate large amounts of data that has to be processed in real time. So, a number of encryption schemes for multimedia applications have been proposed in recent years. We analyze the following(More)
—This paper proposes an optimal maximum a poste-riori probability decoder for variable-length encoded sources over binary symmetric channels that uses a novel state-space to deal with the problem of variable-length source codes in the decoder. This sequential, finite-delay, joint source-channel decoder delivers substantial improvements over the conventional(More)
—In this paper we present SpiderRadio a cognitive radio prototype for dynamic spectrum access networking. Spider-Radio is built using commodity IEEE 802.11a/b/g hardware and the open source MadWiFi driver. This helps us in developing and testing our prototype without having to buy and manage several licensed spectrum bands. We begin with a discussion on the(More)
—Cognitive radio networks hold the key to achieving better radio bandwidth utilization and improving the quality of wireless applications. The next step in this fast emerging paradigm is the multi-hop cognitive radio network. Well designed multi-hop cognitive radio networks can provide high bandwidth efficiency by using dynamic spectrum access technologies(More)