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Geocast bring up to the liberation of information to a faction of Destinations in a network determine by their geographical site. In this expose we present a survey on Location Based Routing. The Geocast Routing is also known as Location Based Routing. The Message is delivered to nodes within a geographical region by using “GEOCAST ROUTING PROTOCOLS(More)
This paper considers linear, binary codes having locality parameter r, that are capable of recovering from t ≥ 2 erasures and which additionally, possess short block length. Both sequential and parallel (through orthogonal parity checks) recovery are considered. In the case of sequential repair, the results include (a) extending and characterizing(More)
In this paper, binary codes with locality for four erasures are considered. An upper bound on the rate of this class of codes is derived. An optimal construction for codes meeting the bound is also provided. The construction is based on regular bipartite graphs of girth 6 and employs the sequential approach of locally recovering from multiple erasures. An(More)
VANETs (Vehicular Ad hoc Networks) are highly mobile wireless ad hoc networks and will play an important role in public safety communications and commercial applications. Routing of data in VANETs is a challenging task due to rapidly changing topology and high speed mobility of vehicles. Conventional routing protocols in MANETs (Mobile Ad hoc Networks) are(More)
—The face annotation has many real world applications. The challenging part of search based face annotation task is management of most familiar facial images and their weak labels. To tackle this problem, different techniques are adopted. The efficiency and performance of annotating systems are improved tremendously by using these methods. Here this paper(More)
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