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Atrial tumor myocytes derived from transgenic mice (AT-1 cells) have been shown to express mRNAs encoding cardiac K+ channels and display a cardiac electrophysiological phenotype. The major K+ current is the rapid component of the delayed rectifier (I(kr)). The purpose of the study was to characterize the mode of action of a class III anti-arrhythmic agent(More)
We tested the effects of a potassium channel opener diazoxide on the action potential duration (APD) and contractile force changes in canine Purkinje tissue induced by a novel class III anti-arrhythmic agent (C3A), KCB-328 (0.5 microM) with 3,4-dimethoxyphenethyl ring structure (0.5 microM). KCB-328 shortened APD(25) by 8.3+/-2.1%, prolonged APD(50) and(More)
1. The effects of the K+ channel opener diazoxide and the oxime-containing Ca2+ and K+ channel blocker salicylaldoxime were tested in canine cardiac Purkinje tissue. 2. Both drugs shortened action potential duration (APD). For salicylaldoxime (0.1-1.0 mmol/L), the reductions in APD were statistically significant at the 25% level of repolarization (APD25)(More)
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