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HISTORY AND CLINICAL FINDINGS Two unrelated women, aged 39 and 42 years, had been admitted (at different times) to hospital because of "recurrence of an aetiologically uncertain acute hepatitis". Both patients had a history of acute hepatitis with GPT concentration of 796 and 755 U/l, respectively. Each of them had experienced recurrences of hepatitis, each(More)
Experiments were performed to elucidate the mechanisms involved in the enhanced conversion of amino acids to glucose in acute uraemic rats. Increased gluconeogenesis from a mixture of serine, threonine, lysine, glutamate, ornithine and citrulline was confirmed using a non-recirculating perfusion system. Stimulation was concentration dependent, being most(More)
1. Ein Verfahren zur Aktivitätsbestimmung der Phenylalaninhydroxylase im Leberpunktat des Menschen wurde entwickelt. Die kinetischen Daten des Enzyms wurden bestimmt: DerK m-Wert für Phenylalanin beträgt 1,32 mM, für den Cofaktor 0,08 mM. 2. Die Aktivität der Phenylalaninhydroxylase wurde in Punktaten von normaler Leber, Lebercirrhose, Alkohol-Hepatitis und(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) is used for treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis. Previous studies showed that, compared with UDCA monotherapy, bile salts plus prednisolone had no further effect on laboratory data but improved liver histology. Thirty percent of these patients had prednisolone-related side effects. Budesonide is a(More)
Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), the metabolic syndrome of the liver, characterised by the consequences of obesity (insulin resistance, production of free radicals, chronic inflammation) has become a new epidemic in the United States as in Europe. Diagnosis is suspected in patients with obesity, denying alcohol abuse, having typical co-morbitities(More)
HISTORY A 61-year-old woman was referred because of painless jaundice, laboratory tests having indicated hepatitis with impaired liver functions. For the past two years she had been taking phenprocoumon because she had atrial fibrillation. INVESTIGATIONS Serological tests largely excluded infectious, autoimmune or metabolic etiology, so that the diagnosis(More)
1. Urea cycle enzymes and ornithine ketoacid transaminase were extracted from rat liver using various buffer systems and different procedures for the mechanical disintegration of the cells. Of the buffers tested, phosphate and glutathipne gave optimal results, whereas significant differences were found when other extracting media were used: activities of(More)