K.-P. Lisson

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The European Directive 98/79/EC for in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD) regulates marketing and post marketing surveillance of IVD in the European Economic Area. Manufacturers have to inform the responsible Competent Authorities (CA) about incidents and field safety corrective actions (FSCA) related to IVD. In Germany, the Federal Institute for Drugs(More)
Antimalarial 6-aminoquinolines (1a-c) were acylated (3a-c, 5a) and alkylated (4a-c, 6a) at the secondary aromatic 6-amino group with the aim of studying the influence of a tertiary aromatic 6-amino group on antimalarial activity and toxicity. 4 derivatives (9e-g) of 4-amino-7-chloroquinoline with a tertiary aromatic 4-amino group were synthesized to study(More)
3 derivatives 2g--i of 6-(4-diethylamino-1-methylbutylamino)-4-methoxy-2-methylquinoline and 6 derivatives 2k--p of 6-(4-diethylamino-1-methylbutylamino)-2,4-dimethylquinoline were synthesized with variations of substituents in positions 5 and 8 (--H, --OH, --OCH3, --CH3, --Cl) with the aim of studying the influence of these substituents, which facilitate,(More)
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