K. P. L. Cheung

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This paper discusses the standard market design (SMD) for ISO New England electricity market. SMD comprises a congestion management methodology for revealing and assigning costs of supplying electricity across limited transmission facilities and a two-part market settlement structure consisting of a "day-ahead" and a "day-of" settlement that allows for(More)
The deregulation of the electric power industry has evolved rapidly and market operators are facing new challenges to resolve issues with system operations and market operations. This paper intends to demonstrate the potential of using intelligent decision support tools to assist market operations. Business rule approach has been selected for system design(More)
This paper discusses the design and implementation of ancillary service markets (ASM) in North America. In a deregulated environment, ancillary service markets are the essential components of modern wholesale electricity markets from both economic and system reliability perspectives. A unified framework for competitive electricity market and grid(More)
Mathematical optimization provides a formal framework that enables systematic and transparent decision making. Significant progress has been made in recent years in applications of formal optimization techniques for competitive market based resource commitment, scheduling, pricing and dispatch. This paper describes experiences with the application of(More)
This paper discusses the functional design of the new ancillary service markets (ASM) of ISO New England under the framework of standard market design (SMD). The re-introduction of ancillary service markets into ISO New England's wholesale electricity market is envisioned to correctly value and price the actions necessary to prepare for and maintain the(More)
Lecture slides are commonly used in university to support teaching and learning. An effective way to organize and access slides will enhance the education quality. This paper presents a software system that allows instructors to index slides for student search and enquiry. The web-based system can be accessed with multiple channels of wireless handheld(More)
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