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Hyperphosphorylation of microtubule-associated proteins such as tau and neurofilament may underlie the cytoskeletal abnormalities and neuronal death seen in several neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's disease. One potential mechanism of microtubule-associated protein hyperphosphorylation is augmented activity of protein kinases known to(More)
In preclinical safety studies in which the administration of a test compound causes reductions in food consumption, body weights, and organ weights, it may be difficult to differentiate direct compound-induced effects on organ weights from those simply due to reduced nutrition. To address this problem in reference to the heart, hearts were obtained from(More)
Reports on the effects of cholestyramine on small intestinal structure of rats have produced contradictory data about changes in mucosal histomorphometry, perhaps due to interacting effects of dietary composition. In order to identify effects of cholestyramine and diet on structure of the small intestines, 40 male rats were divided into 4 groups of 10 and(More)
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