K. P. Jose

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The aim of this paper is to numerically investigate a PH/PH/1 inventory model with reneging of customers and finite shortage of items. We assume that arrivals occur according to a phase type renewal process. The associated phase type distribution has representation ( , ) U α . The service times are identically and independently distributed random variables(More)
We analyze and compare three (s,S) inventory systems with positive service time and retrial of customers. In all of these systems, arrivals of customers form a Poisson process and service times are exponentially distributed. When the inventory level depletes to s due to services, an order of replenishment is placed. The lead-time follows an exponential(More)
Gingivitis and periodontitis are complex diseases that are characterized by inflammation. Although microorganisms are thought to bring about the inflammatory changers, it is the mediators of inflammation that bring about tissue destruction. Chemerin, a recently discovered adipokine plays an important role in obesity related disorders like metabolic syndrome(More)
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