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Of 231 patients with fractures of the triquetrum, 65 were followed up after a mean period of 46.8 months. The fractures were classified and radiological and clinical follow-up was carried out. Pathomechanical aspects of the origin of the fracture were also considered. It appears that the chisel action of the dorso-proximal edge of the hamate striking(More)
Complete Tossy III acromioclavicular separations in 21 male patients (according to the Rockwood classification: 7 Type III and 14 Type V lesions) with a mean age of 31 years were treated by surgical repair with the acromicroclavicular-hook plate within a period of 6 years. The population consisted of 18 patients with acute injuries and 3 with old injuries.(More)
The cellular defect in Tangier mononuclear phagocytes (MNP) was shown to be associated with significant abnormalities in cellular phospholipid, triglyceride, and cholesteryl ester metabolism by using various radiolabeled precursors (32Pi, 3H-serine, 3H-choline, 14C-acetate, and 14C-oleic acid). Tangier MNP expressed increased rates of synthesis for(More)
The ligamentous structure of the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis has been described by numerous authors. Yet the bony part, i.e. the fibular incisure of the tibia and the relationship of the fibula to this joint surface have hardly been dealt with. For this reason, we decided to investigate and typify the bony structures and the surrounding areas of the(More)
Thirty-six patients with Allman group-2 fractures of the clavicle were treated by ORIF with 2.7-mm ASIF dynamic compression plates. The indications for surgery were an open fracture in one patient, ipsilateral fractures of the arm or the ribs in five patients, bilateral clavicular fractures in one patient, and an inability to reduce the fracture in all(More)
In 155 out of 389 patients with lesions of the fibrocartilage on the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint of the fingers, who were treated between January 1989 and 31 December 1989, a radiological and clinical follow-up was done after a mean interval of 1.5 years. In 82% a palmar lip fracture was diagnosed; the remaining 18% were attributed to a ligamentous(More)
One hundred patients with sternal fractures were investigated in order to demonstrate the incidence of complicating cardial, pulmonary and spinal injuries. Isolated sternal fracture was found in 73/100 patients. In the majority of cases (68/100) traffic accidents were causative; in 10% an accompanying injury of the spine was found. No patient presented(More)
In this prospective clinical study, we present our experience with a new single portal carpal tunnel release kit. The safety and efficacy of this new device was assessed and compared with a consecutive control group treated with conventional open carpal tunnel release. 126 patients were enrolled in this study, 64 of them were treated endoscopically (group(More)
  • K Höcker
  • 1997
Isolated dislocations of the basal joint of the thumb are rare injuries. In case of early treatment and joint stability after reduction, immobilization in a scaphoid cast for six weeks is sufficient. Only in cases of delayed treatment or instability after reduction, stabilization by Kirschner-wires inserted percutaneously should be performed.