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An operational complexity model (OCM) is proposed to enable the complexity of both the cognitive and the computational components of a process to be determined. From the complexity of formation of a set of traces via a specified route a measure of the probability of that route can be determined. By determining the complexities of alternative routes leading(More)
This paper presents methods for analyzing the topology of a Bayesian belief network created to qualify and quantify the strengths of investigative hypotheses and their supporting digital evidence. The methods, which enable investigators to systematically establish, demonstrate and challenge a Bayesian belief network, help provide a powerful framework for(More)
With the advent of peer-to-peer communication technologies, individuals can easily connect to one another over Internet for file sharing and online chatting. Although these technologies provide wonderful platforms for users to share their digital materials, its illegitimate use on unauthorized sharing of copyrighted files is increasingly rampant. With the(More)
A blind signature scheme is a protocol for obtaining a digital signature from a signer, but the signer can neither learn the messages he/she sign nor the signatures the recipients obtain afterwards. Partially blind signature is a variant such that part of the message contains pre-agreed information (agreed by the signer and the signature requester) in(More)
Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack has turned into one of the major security threads in recent years. Usually the only solution is to stop the services or shut down the victim and then discard the attack traffic only after the DDoS attack characteristics (such as the destination ports of the attack packets) are known. In this paper, we introduce a(More)