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Lipid contents and compositions of the bleached Okinawan corals were analyzed for the first time. Bleached corals collected at Sesoko Okinawa, Japan (26°38′N, 127°52′E), after the 1998 bleaching event showed decreased lipid content with a concomitant decline of wax in the lipid composition. The reductionin the lipid content of corals showed diversity(More)
The compositions of ester- and amide-linked fatty acids from ceramides of human vernix caseosa were described with emphasis on the distribution of the branched-chain fatty acid (BCFA). Two novel ceramides were isolated from vernix caseosa in the course of this study: the acylated type of esterified α-OH-hydroxyacid/sphingosine ceramide (Cer[EAS]) and(More)
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