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Recent investigations have reported contradictory results on the influence of low-power laser light on wound healing. Low-power laser with a power output of 250 mW and an emitted laser light of 670 nm have been insufficiently investigated to date. The effect of a 250-mW/670-nm laser light on the healing of burning wounds in rats was investigated. Thirty(More)
This review paper provides an overview of approaches to which we may resort for handling the complex decision problems involving uncertainty and risk that climate change implies for forest managers. Modelling approaches that could support adaptive management strategies seem to be called for, not only as climate change denotes increased economic uncertainty(More)
The citation rates of scientific papers, long used by numerous sociologists of science to measure the influence of individual scientists and the diffusion of knowledge, are shown to be partly affected by the various structural characteristics of these papers. Based on an analysis of 221 scientific papers in three cocitation clusters, between 15 and 35(More)
Due to the public discussion about global and regional warming, the regional climate and the modified climate conditions are analyzed exemplarily for three different regions in the southern Black Forest (southwest Germany). The driving question behind the present study was how can tourism adapt to modified climate conditions and associated changes to the(More)
Intervertebral discs removed in cases of disc herniation were investigated by polarized light microscopy. In about 4% of all cases crystalline deposits were detected. The crystals were characterized by different staining methods, scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. From the results it is concluded that the crystalline deposits are usually(More)
In the Original article the Acknowledgement and the Funding sections have not been included. To remedy this omission we print these details here. Everything else in the paper remains correct.
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