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The amplified spontaneous emission of a semiconductor-optical amplifier saturated by two input waves is investigated theoretically and experimentally for both co- and counterpropagating injection. For the first time, an analytical expression for counterpropagating input waves is presented and compared with the copropagating case. It is shown, that(More)
An analytical expression for the turn-on delay probability density function (pdf) of single-mode lasers biased below threshold is derived, which is in good agreement with results based on computer simulations and measurements. It is shown, that the pdf obtained only depends on the on-state yielding simple requirements for the transmitter in order to achieve(More)
We compare the performance of dispersion-managed 4/spl times/40, 16/spl times/10, and 16/spl times/40 Gb/s wavelength-division-multiplexed transmission over 1000-km standard single-mode fiber operating at 1.55 /spl mu/m. It is shown, that for N/spl times/40 Gb/s, the system performance is mainly limited by the degradations of each single channel. No(More)
The turn-on jitter of zero-biased nearly single-mode vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL's) is experimentally investigated. Since during the turn-on event both the dominant and the suppressed polarization are exited, an analytical expression describing the probability density function of the turn-on delay for a single-mode VCSEL is derived, which(More)
The amplified spontaneous emission of a saturated semiconductor-laser amplifier is studied analytically and experimentally for co- as well as counterpropagating input waves. It is shown, that copropagating injection can significantly reduce the noise level.
In the present work, we investigate the impact of active length variation of Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) on the performance of wavelength converter based on cross-gain modulation (XGM) for different SOA active length up to 0.0004m. The system performance has been analyzed by varying input power from -9 to 10 dBm. It is found that the system gives(More)
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