K O Taams

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After birth the umbilicus is the only naturally formed visible scar on the body. To reconstruct a neo-umbilicus following abdominoplasty various local interposition flaps have been described to circumvent a circular scar contracture and to recreate a superior hood. The additional scarring with these techniques can give an operated look to the neo-umbilicus.(More)
We present a case of a long-standing, giant inguinoscrotal hernia extending to the patient's knees, complicated by intestinal obstruction. Initial management involved conservative treatment of the intestinal obstruction and optimising the patient's general condition. Surgical treatment included debulking the contents of the hernia sac by performing a right(More)
Many trauma surgeons who treat penetrating cardiac injuries do not routinely suture the pericardium closed after repairing the heart. The patient reported here died from exsanguination during attempts to mobilise the heart which had adhered to the sternum. With the increasing demand for coronary artery surgery and the high incidence of carcinoma of the(More)
We treated an impalement injury of the thorax resulting from a suicide attempt in the form of a road traffic accident. The patient survived and was discharged 5 weeks after his injury. The surgical management of thoracic impalement injuries and the rationale behind a multidisciplinary approach are discussed.
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