K O Hoffmann

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Optokinetic nystagmus in response to horizontal movement of a whole field random dot pattern was measured in infant macaque monkeys from the first week to about 5 months after birth using electrooculography. During monocular and binocular viewing conditions stimulus velocities were varied between 10 and 120 degrees/s. Monocular stimulation in the(More)
In order to improve the preoperative diagnosis of superficial skin tumors in the head and neck, 32 patients with 42 basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas and malignant melanomas were investigated using different imaging techniques. All patients were examined preoperatively with high-frequency ultrasound (HFU), computed tomography (CT) and magnetic(More)
Since 1979, Pro Familia, the German Association for Family Planning and Sexual Counselling, has offered a postcoital contraceptive program utilizing either the ethinyl estradiol (EE)-norgestrel combined oral contraceptive (OC) described by Yuzpe in Canada or a levonorgestrel-only regime. In the Yuzpe method, 4 pills each containing .05 mg EE and .5 mg(More)
In an experimental study of 14 cadaver knee joints, the pressure load on the joint surface after distal iliotibial band transfer was measured using Fuji Prescale foils. With an intact anterior cruciate ligament, increases of up to 153% for the average pressure load and of 225% for the total pressure in the lateral compartment were found in relation to the(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to assess whether color Doppler imaging is a useful adjunct to endorectal sonography in evaluating rectal wall neoplasms and in distinguishing recurrent or residual tumor from postoperative changes. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-two patients underwent endorectal sonography with color Doppler imaging for one of two(More)
We present a case of balloon angioplasty of the superficial femoral artery via a popliteal artery access with successful percutaneous vascular closure of the vascular access site (6-F Techstar). A femoral arterial approach had not been feasible due to previous aorto-femoral and femoro-femoral bypass operations. Clinical and ultrasound follow-up showed no(More)