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tRNA pseudouridine 55 (psi 55) synthase, the enzyme that is specific for the conversion of U55 to psi 55 in the m5U psi CG loop in most tRNAs, has been purified from Escherichia coli and cloned. On SDS gels, a single polypeptide chain with a mass of 39.7 kDa was found. The gene is a previously described open reading frame, p35, located at 68.86 min on the(More)
Pseudouridine (psi), the most common single modified nucleoside in ribosomal RNA, has been positioned in the small subunit (SSU) and large subunit (LSU) RNAs of a number of representative species. Most of the information has been obtained by application of a rapid primed reverse transcriptase sequencing technique. The locations of these psi residues have(More)
A fragment of 16S RNA corresponding to most of the 5'-domain (residues 1-526) was prepared by in vitro run-off transcription. When this fragment was incubated with a mixture of 30S proteins under conditions known to result in the in vitro assembly of a complete, functional 30S ribosome from a full-length transcript, a discrete 16S particle was formed. This(More)
The methyltransferase that forms m5C967 in Escherichia coli small subunit ribosomal RNA has been purified, cloned, and characterized. The gene was identified from the N-terminal sequence of the purified enzyme. The gene is a fusion of two open reading frames, fmu and fmv, previously believed to be distinct due to a DNA sequencing error. The gene, here named(More)
Previous immunoelectron microscopy studies have shown that the anticodon of valyl-tRNA, photocrosslinked to the ribosomal P site at the C1400 residue of the 16 S RNA, is located in the vicinity of the cleft of the small ribosomal subunit of Escherichia coli. In this study we used single-particle image-averaging techniques to demonstrate that the 30 S-bound(More)
A body of previous work has shown that when Escherichia coli tRNAVal1 is placed in the P site of E. coli ribosomes and irradiated, the 5'-anticodon base of this tRNA, 5-carboxymethoxyuridine, is cross-linked to C-1400 of the 16 S rRNA. By tagging the carboxyl group of the cross-linked tRNA residue with a 2,4-dinitrophenyl (DNP) group attached via a 9 A(More)
Elongation factor-3 (EF-3) is an essential fungal-specific translation factor which exhibits a strong ribosome-dependent ATPase activity and has sequence homologies that may predict domains critical for its role in protein synthesis, including a domain at the N terminus, which exhibits sequence homology with Escherichia coli ribosomal protein S5. A portion(More)
In vitro synthesis of mutant 16S RNA and reconstitution with ribosomal proteins into a mutant 30S ribosome was used to make all possible single base changes at the universally conserved A1518 and A1519 residues. All of the mutant RNAs could be assembled into a ribosomal subunit which sedimented at 30 S and did not lack any of the ribosomal proteins. A(More)
The complex of Artemia salina ribosomes and Escherichia coli acetylvalyl-tRNA could be cross-linked by irradiation with near-UV light. Cross-linking required the presence of the codon GUU, GUA being ineffective. The acetylvalyl group could be released from the cross-linked tRNA by treatment with puromycin, demonstrating that cross-linking had occurred at(More)