M. J. Peckham1
R. Krynicki1
M. D. Gaj1
G. G. Steel1
1M. J. Peckham
1R. Krynicki
1M. D. Gaj
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Ten xenograft lines of human colonic and rectal carcinomas have been established in immune-suppressed mice. Mice bearing tumours in the 2nd to 6th passage were treated with maximum tolerated doses of 8 chemotherapeutic agents and tumour growth delay was estimated in terms of the number of volume doubling times gained by the treatment. The average response(More)
Somatic embryogenesis (SE) in Arabidopsis was induced using various systems, including auxin treatment of in vitro cultured explants (immature zygotic embryos, IZEs) and transgenic plants overexpressing embryogenesis-related transcription factors, e.g. LEC2 together with the GUS reporter gene under control of the auxin-induced DR5 promoter. The study(More)
BACKGROUND Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (TTC) is characterised by transient contractility disturbances of the apex of the left ventricle. METHODS We enrolled 101 patients from the northern-eastern part of Poland in the years 2008-2012 who were hospitalised for TCC. The control group consisted of female patients diagnosed with anterior myocardial infarction(More)
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