K. Nikitin

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(X m n D) (5 10 X D) (X m n D) * () 1 () (X j k n D X i k D X m n D › Abstract The paper describes a specific method for designing self-checking checkers for m-out-of-n codes. The method is oriented to the Field Programmable Gate Arrays technology and is based on decomposing the sum-of-minterms corresponding to an m-out-of-n code. The self-testing property(More)
Pineoblastoma is a rare malignant tumor of the central nervous system (CNS), which arises from the parenchyma of the pineal gland. It is characterized by aggressive clinical behavior and frequent metastases along the craniospinal axis. Extraneural metastases may occur due to surgical seeding of tumor cells beyond the dura and/or hematogenous spread,(More)
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