K. Nelson

C. Dufouil1
L. Rimsky1
Y.-P. Liu1
E. Koenig1
1C. Dufouil
1L. Rimsky
1Y.-P. Liu
1E. Koenig
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Micro-gap formation at the implant-abutment interface of two-piece dental implants was investigated in vitro using high-resolution radiography in combination with hard X-ray synchrotron radiation. Images were taken with the specimen under different mechanical loads of up to 100 N. The aim of this investigation was to prove the existence of micro-gaps for(More)
  • T. Kyrychenko, G. Dubynska, T. Koval, I. Kaidashev, V. Korshenko, K. Rono +494 others
  • 2012
Background: Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are transmembrane receptors that activate cells of the innate immune systems upon recognition of pathogen-associated molecular patterns. The TLR4 is an essential component of the innate immune response to various microorganisms. We investigated the impact of TLR4 polymorphism on development of opportunistic diseases in(More)
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