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Quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis was conducted in bread wheat for 14 important traits utilizing data from four different mapping populations involving different approaches of QTL analysis. Analysis for grain protein content (GPC) suggested that the major part of genetic variation for this trait is due to environmental interactions. In contrast,(More)
1. INTRODUCTION Memory is the ability of an individual to record sensory stimuli, events, information etc., retain them over a short or long period of time and recall the same at a later date when needed 1. Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge about the world and memory could be considered as the retention of the acquired knowledge, which can be(More)
We report the use of micrometer-sized copper (Cu) anti-dot structures as a novel terahertz (THz) anti-reflection coating (ARC) material and their superior performance over conventionally used metallic (Cu) thin films. Cu anti-dot structures of two different thicknesses (7 and 10 nm) with varying anti-dot diameters (100, 200, and 300 μm, inter-anti-dot(More)
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