K. Narendar Reddy

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Object oriented software systems are subject to frequent modifications either during development (iterative, agile software development) or software evolution. For such systems which have large number of classes, detection of design defects is a complex task. Bad smells are used to identify design defects in object oriented software design. Identification(More)
The amenability and reproducibility of a tissue culture-independent Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation strategy was analyzed in field bean and the stability of the transgenes was examined. The protocol involves in planta inoculation of embryo axes of germinating seeds and allowing them to grow into seedlings ex vitro. Transformants were(More)
Object oriented software with low cohesive classes can increase maintenance cost. Low cohesive classes are likely to be introduced into the software during initial design due to deviation from design principles and during evolution due to software deterioration. Low cohesive class performs operations that should be done by two or more classes. The low(More)
Abelmoschus esculentus (okra) is one of the polysaccharide rich crop plants. The polysaccharides interfere with nucleic acids and protein isolation thereby affecting the downstream molecular analysis. So, to understand the molecular systematics of okra, high quality DNA, RNA and proteins are essential. In this study we present a method for extracting(More)
— Software testing is the critical component of the software development life cycle. Cost of software testing would affect the cost benefit trade-off of a development organization. Any reduction in the cost of software testing would help to deliver the product to the customer at less cost. The existing research is to find the ways to reduce the testing(More)
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